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Our Concentrated Coatings Have 3+ Times the Coverage Compared to Traditional Finishes

How Clean Armor is revolutionizing the coatings industry



Paint manufacturers are continually having to reformulate to keep up with ever changing regulations.

The coating industry has discontinued many reliable coating systems, due to increasing regulatory compliance, leading to less options.

Our Solution:

Eco Friendly

Clean Armor has been designed from the ground up to be VOC, HAP and hazardous waste free while not only retaining industry standards, but going above and beyond in both performance and sustainability.

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Current compliant coating products produce a poor performing finish that doesn’t live up to expectations. Cracking, yellowing, and weatherability resistance have all taken a hit, just for most products to stay within regulations.

Our Solution:

Superior Performance

Our patented polymer coating system redefines the way coating’s are created. Yellowing and cracking are a thing of the past, as our coating system is non shrinking, UV protected, and highly resistant to all types of stressors.

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Current coating systems can take hours, and don't fully cure immediately, extending handling time.

Operating costs for accelerated curing systems are expensive and can be ineffective.

Our Solution:

Fully Cures in Minutes

Clean Armor’s coating system is UV cured on demand, in mere minutes. Instead of waiting hours or days for the curing process, you can cure our coating at any time, within minutes, using a UV light.

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Clean Armor is Breaking The Mold

Changing the industry with revolutionary products

Our patented UV curable polymer coatings systems are an amazing alternative to existing compliant industrial coatings. In a world fast approaching more stringent environmental laws, instead of a watered down coatings system, we’ve decided to revolutionize the coatings industry. Our solution is no compromise with coatings that are Cleaner, being VOC and HAP free, Stronger, with both chemical and weather resistance, and Faster with immediate on-demand UV curing in minutes.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Commercial (Wood, Composites, Metal, Classical Instruments)
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Our patented coatings systems have a low carbon footprint providing you with cost savings while supporting a good environmental posture.

There is no hazardous disposal requirement for our coatings. Just cure any unused product and follow your state and local waste disposal ordinances for non-hazardous material.

You will require no expensive emissions control equipment that are needed for solvent based and VOC based products.

Our coating systems will provide you with air quality improvements as they have no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), zero Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP), and produce very low atomization.

As an environmentally friendly system we provide you with a regulatory compliant solution you can use almost anywhere, outside of controlled environments, and is safer for human contact exposure and the surrounding environment.

Equipment cleans up easily with isopropyl alcohol and human skin contact exposure cleans up with soap and water. It doesn't get any simpler and cleaner than that!

Non-shrinking 100% Solids Coating

Our patented coating systems enable the tuning of our formulations to meet a broad range of specifications to address:

  • Surface hardness and flexibility
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Chemical, weathering, and aging
  • Microbial resistance
  • Self healing
  • And more... 

Provides a lasting water clear appearance, that will not yellow or lose gloss retention with age, and will lock in your final finish well beyond the performance of any existing compliant coatings. 

Our coatings create superior mechanical adhesion to even the most challenging sealers, primers, color coats, pre-finished surfaces, existing base layers, and a wide variety of substrates.  

With our 100% solids materials you can create build coats quickly, with no shrinking, to get to your desired mil thicknesses in record time with no compromise.

Cures in Minutes

Our patented coating systems will provide you with the fastest finish times available! Turning slow throughput curing from days into seconds driving increased profitability and faster delivery times for your customers. 

Eliminate your expensive and energy burning curing steps, that create time consuming throughput bottlenecks and are costing you a fortune, with an affordable and efficient low energy LED UVA-lighting system utilizing the safest range in the UV spectrum.  

Fully cures within several minutes when exposed to low energy LED UVA-lighting utilizing the safest range in the UV spectrum. Even direct sunlight will provide a very fast complete cure!

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The clean armor technology System

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Cost of materials - Equivalent

Saves Time and Money

Our Concentrated Coatings Have 3+ Times the Coverage Compared to Traditional Finishes

2K Solvent Based Coatings

  • Average 30% Solids Content

  • 1 Gallon Kit = Avg 300 Sq Ft per 1 Mil Coverage

  • 3x Less Coverage Compared to Clean Armor

Clean Armor Coatings

  • 100% Solids Content

  • Single Stage

  • Concentrated

  • 1 Gallon = 1608 Sq Ft per 1 Mil Coverage

  • 3x More Coverage Compared to 2k Solvent Coatings

Compare us to conventional coatings

Slow vs Fast

Old Way

Clean Armor's WAY

Solvent coatings
Solvent Based Coating Process
Clean Armor
Clean Armor Coating Process


Additives required

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No additives are required


Pot Life - Limits Time to Apply

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No Time Limits


Unpredictable Curing Times

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Fast Complete Cure on Demand


Labor Intensive Finishing Steps

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Simple Finishing Steps


Waste and Hazardous Disposal

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No Waste or Hazardous Disposal


High Labor Rework

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Simple Repair Steps

Disruptive technology Benefits

Direct Cost Savings

  • 1K Product - No Mixing, No Catalysts

  • Low Cost Cleanup And Disposal

  • Low Cost UV LED Curing

    Finishing Timelines Are Reduced By Days – Even Weeks!

    Higher Throughput Means Increased Profits.

    Product Consumption Reduced As Much As 40%!

    Minimal Training To Adopt

    Minimal Capital Outlay Required To Adopt