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Wood 705

Exterior Clear Coat
Our Concentrated Coatings Have 3+ Times the Coverage Compared to Traditional Finishes

Our wood finishes average < $0.40 per SqFt at 1 mil coverage.

When comparing the cost of our products you should consider the concentrated nature of Clean Armor and how much more coverage you will get when compared to traditional finishes.

Available Sizes

1 Quart (.95L)
1 Gallon (3.78L)
5 Gallon (18.9L)

Product Description

A UV Curable, General Purpose, exterior clear coat finish that is applied by spray, roll, or brush. Superior outdoor weathering. For use as a clear coat for architectural wood products and furniture. Can be applied over existing fully cured finishes.

  • High build (no sand).  
  • Easy sand, flow and level.  
  • Good production use.  
  • Excellent intercoat adhesion without sanding.

Available Finishes: Gloss - Satin - Matte